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6 Financial investment lessons taught by the festi...

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Holi is one of the most famous festivals in India. Not only in our country but it is equally played in some parts of our neighbouring countries. It is celebrated with great joy amongst all the age groups. People gather and celebrate this festival by smearing different colours on each other, tossing coloured water balloons, and squirting water on each other. Gujiya and Thandai are the 2 festive delicacies. It is celebrated to give tribute to the pride of good over evil.

You can even learn many investment lessons from this auspicious festival of Holi. Just like many people do investment in mutual funds for long term who are seeking long term growth, you should also start doing wise investment keeping certain points in your mind to maintain your portfolio. Those points are-

1) Colors of diversification should be added-

This is your first investment lesson which we get from the numerous colours we use to play this festival. Diversification of your portfolio among various assets classes in sequence to minimize your risk and maximize your profit, which could also be learned from this Holi.

Once you acquire this information on how to yield higher returns and diversify the risk involved, you are eligible to enroll yourself in mutual funds investment. After you have gained some experience and knowledge in mutual funds, you can also do investment in mutual funds SIP. This is known as systematic investment plans (SIP). It is an investment strategy in which a certain amount of money has to be invested at regular intervals. 

2) Hazards should be avoided by playing safe-

As it is usually preferable to play from organic and light colours which do not have any adverse effect; similarly, you should invest in the quality mutual fund products which will further enhance your wealth and facilitates your financial growth.

Additionally; just like any festival is incomplete without the sweets. Mostly sweets like phirnis, gujiya and thandai are the supplements of Holi. Just like these sweets which add fun to the celebration of the festival, while doing an investment you have to consider some supplements which will maximize profit and returns on the investment. You can even have advice from a financial planner if you are not sure of the outcome of the investment you are going to do.

3) Only the sweetness of your investments should be reaped-

Just like the preparation of exclusive deserts on Holi take some time and cannot be made instantly, likewise, you have to very patient in the terms of the returns on the investments as it will absolutely take quite a while. The wealth creation journey is not that easy and cannot happen overnight. If you will not wait for the right time to come and make any kind of investment in a hurry, that can prove to be the biggest mistake of yours.

4) The evils of investment have to be devastated-

Holika Dahan was rewarded with the power of eluding death by fire. Since she was sure that she won't die, she took her son Prahlad along with her into the fire. Everyone was expecting her son Prahlad to die and Holika to remain alive. But as Prahlad was the devotee of God Vishnu, Prahlad survived and Holika died instead. That's why Holi is celebrated as the triumph of good over evil. The same is the case with investmentsYou should demolish all the negativities, hindrance and evils of the investments that’re proving to be a barrier for you in your wealth creation journey

5) Holi can be made better by Skyes and Ray Equities (SRE) as it can help you achieve growth by developing investment strategies-

Holi is a festival which brings people together and shares a good bond. Likewise, SRE is a well known financial service provider in India. It focuses on developing the relationship among the business clients and also ensures that the company and business partners are having explicit growth together.

6)Figure out the reasons for the losses in the past 

You can only succeed once you are able to figure out the causes due to which you had to bear losses. Till the time you are not able to find out the precise reasons for it, you would not be able to grow well and make sure to not to repeat those mistakes the one you have made in past.

Final Verdict 

After reading this blog, you are now acquainted with the information on how to do an astute investment. Now, no one can stop you, just go on and invest judiciously this festive season.


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